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Posted by zeakster on June 15, 2010

Brown, who voted against the motion, addressed the board and the approximately 40 community members in attendance, saying that “time will tell” whether the board has made the right decision. “I haven’t slept in two weeks,” Brown confessed. He said he was disappointed that the district and AFSCME couldn’t reach an agreement and is concerned that the lowered wages paid by Sodexo will result in decreased safety and cleanliness for the districts’ schools and students. AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) is the union for public employees and health care workers, including custodial workers.

OHH really? id think a private company will probably get more done in less time and if they dont? well there are litteraly hunderds of other cleaning companies willing to take a crack at it. brown seems to be a union sympathiser and im glad he hasnt gotten any sleep. PERHAPS HE CAN FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE TO SPEND ALL THAT MONEY WAISTED ON THE UNION. NO NO IM SURE HE WILL


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