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Posted by zeakster on August 20, 2010

of The News-Sentinel

Mayor Tom Henry said all the right words Tuesday in response to Navistar’s long-expected decision to rip more than 1,000 well-paid truck-design employees out of this city’s economy and transfer them to parts unknown.

THIS ARTICLE and the responses just shows how out of touch people are. navistar is so evil just because they chose to pick up and leave. get over it. companies make lots of decisions that make sense for themselves   where is it written they have to make decisions for the good of the town they are in? answer? nowhere. companies would go bankrupt if they had to limit themselves in this way. they dont owe the community anything in fact communities are becoming more and more hostile to companies. out of control taxes unneeded zoning laws ridiculous environmental laws. no one told the mayor to hire that consultant kevin it was the mayors decision to waste that money perhaps you should direct your anger at the consultant he obviously didnt do his job. as for making politicians look silly…do you really think they need help?

do you really think your little article is helping? if you were thinking of moving a company here and read that article would it give you pause? it would me, it seems the people here think they are owed something. companies dont owe this town anything. its a sad sign of the times give me give me give me and dont stop or we will call you evil. do you think perhaps your one of the reasons that magazine called us the stupidest city in the u.s.? look at yourself in the mirror you may see the problem. evil is in the eye of the beholder


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