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Posted by zeakster on September 11, 2010

A message to all members of Patriotic Resistance

Dear Patriots:

I write this letter to you this morning with a heavy heart. As I sit and look out my hotel window on Ground Zero and as I listen to the bagpipes play patriotic music many people are walking around Ground Zero paying their respects and keeping their promise that we will not forget.

I have to admit though, that in the midst of this atmosphere I have received reports from our admins that many people have basically been openly breaking our No Tolerance Policy, spewing hate, and working against everything we are attempting to do. I completely understand the anger toward the Islamic terrorists that brought down the towers and killed so many 9 years ago today. What I do NOT understand is why you will not follow our guidelines that the Constitution has afforded us as a private business. Your right to speech is guaranteed to you toward your government….that’s it. The 1st amendment does not give the right to any individual to infringe on their rights as a privately owned business or organization.

We appreciate so many of our members those who have attempted to reason with the individuals determined to argue, demean, incite violence, and infringe upon our rights. In my absence I have instructed the admins to issue warnings, shut down these discussions that have been out of control, and suspend those who will not listen to our warnings. Apparently, this is still an issue. So it is with great sadness that I must write this letter and inform you that if you break the rules we will not warn you, we will simply ban your account. We will not tolerate a mutiny and we will enforce our policies.

It may not be popular but it is necessary. We must protect the integrity of this site and the members who regularly abide by our terms of service.

Today is a reminder of the tragedy we have experienced at the hands of terrorists, let us not fight one another.

God Bless the families of victims and all Americans affected by this date.



The whole site has gone mainstream republican. I think they nknew from the start that they were just trying to wrangle tea party protesters to the r side. this is just the latest slap to their members. i like how they claim their doing it to quite the racists and hate mongerers. in actuality they are trying to hush the real resistors the ones not bought by the gop.

resistance to what darla? obviously not the status quo



  1. You are correct. The GOP (Phony Conservatives) have hijacked the Tea Party Movement.. I see it even in my local chapter- GOP sponsored Tea Party events. I knew from the beginning of the Tea Party Movement that the GOP would hijack it & try to ride the wave of popular dissent into re-election. That is precisely the reason why I did NOT join a Tea Party! Even though I agree w/ their message, I knew that this would happen. Look at Sarah Palin: heavily involved with the Movement & endorsing fake conservatives from the GOP; like John McCain. He is a major part of the problem! Why in the world would she endorse him?? Hmm I wonder if it has anything to do with him picking her as his running mate? I am the admin of my own site: NOT to be confused with the patriotIC resistance.. We are the PatriotS Resistance. We’re adding a forum to our site today. And, on a side note, most people misconstrue the 1st Amendment. It reads: “CONGRESS shall make no law..”. No mention of the States. The 1st Amendment does not protect a citizens’ right to free speech, free press & freedom to WORSHIP on the State & Local level; just the Federal Government. Nor does it give anyone the right (at any level of Government) to BUILD a building to worship in. Just the freedom to WORSHIP! Actually, if u study the ratification debates of that time you will see that The entire Bill of Rights ONLY applies to the Federal Government, not the States.

  2. zeakster said

    you are right i also did not join any tea party movement i did sign up for this one but stopped any contact a few months in. you only have to look at christ and the joker up in alaska to see whats wrong with the gop. wahh wahh i lost a primary scrw you im going to run as an independant. the gop has a long way to go befor they regain my trust. as for these quasi tea parties join at your own risk.

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