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Posted by zeakster on January 18, 2011

FOR  those of you that dont know etsy is an auction site started to sell home crafts. it has spiraled down to another ebay wannabe run by new era hipsters who seem to ave their own take of life. when i think home crafts i think of my recently deceased grandmother however etsy has become a playground for a hipster experiment. these are people trying so hard to be different from the norm that they all look and act alike. The most recent uproar on the site was over a greeting card seller  or as etsy calls him “an artist” selling cards making fun of everything from rape to downs syndrome. when other sellers  (people like my mother) complained on the forum boards instead of taking the seller and his sick merchandise down etsy officials removed the threads and gave the seller positive reviews. The site has had many problems over the last couple of years including company perks and non existent customer support in fact its the only auction site that encourages buyers to fill out fbi cyber fraud forms if they are unhappy.

it seems the site is destined for the auction site trash bin. this is a cautionary tale i thought was learned in the internet bubble of the 90’s but i guess etsy found those rejects and eagerly hired them.


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