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Posted by zeakster on January 25, 2011

THE pacifica has alot of problems specifically the 06 seems to have a wiring problem. ours started acting up last fall. flickering headlights abs and break lights dinging on and off radio going in and out. i know alot of people will find this crazy but those of us who have had to deal with it will know exactly what im talking about. we took it to 3 different mechanics the last being a dealership (the same one that tried to screw us) all had minor fixes a loose bolt a loose battery post. all worked for a couple of days and then the symptoms returned. did some internet searching and stumbled upon an unlikely fix. we tried it.

basicly someone found a loose wire connected to the fuse box a wire that goes directly to the battery. our wire was not loose but my uncle is an old school home mechanic so we tore apart the plastic coverng on the terminal connector that is attached to the fusebox. the protective plastic it seems has melted into the wire. we did our best to get rid of the melted plastic then resodered the wire back to the terminal connector he thought this would do the trick. it lasted about a week then the symtoms returned so i took the car back to my uncle and we tried the actual fix recommended he was a bit skeptical. it easy we attached a 5 gauge wire from the battery back to the fuse box leaving the old wires in place. its been three months and absolutely no problems have reappeared. my uncle is very surprised.

my guess a non mechanic. the plastic cover had melted into the wire. when the wire heats up it remelts the plastic and interferes with the current. while the first fix should have worked i think there is plastic unseen inside the heavy gauge wire we couldnt remove. by bypassing the problem we gave the fuse box enough current to work properly very simple fix that car guys may poopoo.


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