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Posted by zeakster on February 2, 2011

I really wish i had commented on this when it first erupted because the outcome was predictable and all the talking heads are idiots. From the getgo i could have predicted the military would crack down in the end and that it would be the millitary that inserts who it wants to be president. for the last three days i have sat here and watched all these great talking heads (shep smith is the worst) give their opinions like they were great sages. everytime i hear these idiots i wanted to scream where were you 2 weeks ago? now all of a sudden you know whats going on all of a sudden you understand the arab street. all of a sudden you know whats best. all of a sudden your words will be taken seriously by the people of egypt. to be frank your all a bunch of  idiots a little bit of knowledge is a very hazardous thing and you all should be tattoed with this on your foreheads. a bright yellow warning label right in the center of your huge inflated heads.

from the start i could have told youthis would not end nicely it would not end with free elections and cheering civilians. egypy has a dictator and has for 30 years a dictator that had the nod from the military. thats how these countries work in the middle east and elswhere. there is no happy ending here either the millitary will take back control quickly or they will take back control in the end after a bloody bloody put down and there will be no sheperad smith moment of clarity. hey shep ask cooper what happens to overly smart talking heads.

what happens in egypt will happen in egypt talking heads matter not at all.

pray for the people in israel if this spreads there is no saving them.


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