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Posted by zeakster on February 3, 2011

ALRIGHT i posted about this the other day but quite frankle the media has stooped to new lows. i watch one station so shep will get the brunt of this even though i know the same is happening on other stations. shepard smith shut up already yuo make me want to puke.

todays big news is how pro government protesters are taking down western media personnel none have been killed but most have been at least ruffed up. id this a big surprise? these guys are not reporting the news anymore they are trying to become the news. is it a stretch to think the government is watching western miedia? do you think perhaps when your trying to incite the people in the street to topple a dictator he wont try to respond? while some of these guys being beat to hell may not have been pushng the protestors the staions back home sure as hell have been. shep has been doing it for days and while he doesnt take any risk in doing so he certainly put his news crew in egypt in gret risk. funny how this big headed know it all drones on and on about freedom in egypt exactly where were these crys on the air before the protests began? where will his super intelligent insight on egypt be in a few weeks when something else pops up?

truth of the matter is the one to blame for what hasd happened to his collegues in egypt is shep smith and on the other stations its their talking heads that are to blame. when you try to become the news rather than someone reporting it bad things happen and generaly not to the people that are safe in their cushy offices in new york.

funny how they are so worried abouth the freedoms of egyptians when freedoms are being stripped away from us everyday by this enlarging government. if your so worried about the arabs frredom in egypt shep go join them on the streets and put your life on the line. if your not willing to do that then shut your trap its easy to talk about freedoms you already have not so easy trying to attain those that you dont. get your ass of your little throne people that cant get their actual hands dirty disgust me all talk no action.


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