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Posted by zeakster on February 17, 2011

SO let me get this straight the people know what there doing wehen they vote for democrats but when the people vote for republicans government no longer works and we will not participate. they have single handedly declared america is dead no more government no more laws if we dont get our way the republic will die becuase we will not participate.

citizens of wisconsin you now know where these traitors these seditionists are your state has ceased being a state because 14 state senators decided its there way or the highway. they have decided that your state is no longer a state how long before the cuddly loveable feds arrive. how long before obama decides wisconsin cant take care of itself so maybe he should act. when he does you have no excuse and no argument you decided to let these 14 people declare your constitution null and void you are no longer a state you will revert back to a territory under federal control.

I  guess we know pelosis plan if they loose the senate and presidency in two years im sure she has already made reservations for a nice hotel in canada


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