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an old school conservative that has taken the r away from his vote


9 Responses to “About”

  1. Nice blog. Who are you?

  2. zeakster said

    just a middle class working joe with conservative ideals, who are you?

  3. Tommya said

    Hey! Thought I’d send you this press release by Allen West on the OCS ban Congress refuses to lift:

    Congressman Ron Klein is disappointed that President Bush has been “short-sighted” in lifting the executive ban on off-shore drilling. We are disappointed with Congressman Klein. With a complete lack of initiative or imagination, he continues to give us the Nancy Pelosi/far left talking-point response— the truly short-sighted policy. If we had not listened to every administration since Jimmy Carter, America could have been energy independent long ago.

    And yes, if we develop our own natural resources—ALL of them— the speculators will see that events in the Middle East will have little effect on our supply, which will then be reflected in the price per barrel.

    America must produce, consume, and even export its own energy resources as a crucial component of our national security. We cannot have an honest Middle East— or any— foreign policy if we are dependent upon hostile nations for our energy resources.

    American families are suffering from the results of policies supported by incompetent elected officials whose very policies created the problems they are now trying to solve.

    Now, today, let us embark upon a grand endeavor: develop our oil, oil shale, natural gas, coal, nuclear, hydrogen, hydroelectric (gulf stream), wind, and solar resources— full spectrum. We can no longer accept the career-politician response that strangles the American economy. We must set free the indomitable American ingenuity and spirit in order to create the conditions for our energy independence, increased jobs, economic revival, and the future of our republic.

    Mr. Klein, step aside, and as the US Army Infantry motto states, “Follow Me”.

    Lieutenant Colonel Allen B West (US Army, Ret)
    Candidate, Florida US Congressional District 22

  4. hoosierarmymom said

    Hi Old School zeakster! I’m a fellow Hoosier and am just dropping by to say… nice blog! I’m in Anderson so we are practically neighbors! Keep up the great job!

    Judy aka Hoosier Army Mom.

  5. glblwrmngisbunk said

    I think RINO’s are created by the lure of “career politics”. Our founder’s couldn’t imagine a day when our reps would want to leave home, farm, business, family and friends, for a mosquitoe infested swamp. In that day, there would be little or no communication home, the trip could take days or weeks, there was no air conditioning, etc. Now they do/say whatever they think is required to go back.

    So, I ask, how do we, the grassroots, take back the party? How do we force the party to have primaries for incumbents so that we at least have a choice whether reps like Souder go back?

  6. zeakster said

    ummm there was a primary for souder cant remember the guys name but he was running against him

    we can take back the party by paying attention and actually voting in the primarys

  7. Glblwrmngisbunk said

    Zeakster, glad to know there was a primary! Maybe there’s hope. I just moved to this state 2 years ago, and just now getting up to speed on the local politics. Is there any possibility there’ll be another primary this time around? Pardon my ignorance in this regard.

  8. Thought you might be interested in the new blog here, Zeak –

  9. avivvv said

    Zeakster, can you send me your email address, I need to discuss a topic with you.
    thank you. my email is attached.

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