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Posted by zeakster on September 30, 2008

Pelosi gives an irritating partisan speech before what is supposed to be the most important vote in our life times. Would someone who was really that worried give that speech at that time? Democratic leadership is split on their votes. friends of pelosi in california dont back the vote. pelosi on sunday denounces the bill. does this pass the stink test? democrats who have a solid majority do not need republicans to vote at all to pass the bill. we are told that this is the most important problem of the century. we are told if it does not pass there will be a world wide depression worse than the great depression and yet  pelosi first denounces the bill then gives a partisan speech before the bill then democratic leadership votes no.

this is just one side of the aisle we could do the same thing on the other side this is very peculiar considering all the doom and gloom prognosticating we’ve heard over the weeks.

question question question

no matter what party affiliation you owe allegiance this one just doesnt pass the smell test

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Posted by zeakster on September 29, 2008

Politicians are elected by the people for the people. Courage has nothing to do with how they should vote taking our opinions to heart should be their main concern. i did not elect a mother and father i elected a person to listen and vote my concerns he is an equal not a master.

kudos to those congressman that voted against the east/west coast bailout i was amazed they listened

to all you pundits and talking heads….. getting a job on tv does not make you right because you listen to supposed experts doesnt not make you smarter than us for gods sake most of you have degrees in political science and journalism get over your egos.

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Posted by zeakster on September 28, 2008

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Posted by zeakster on September 28, 2008

Look at them these are the people that cost you your future look at the smugness look at king paulson and his court of jesters. funny how willingly they are to follow president bush now isnt it. doesnt paulson look alot like dr. evil? its great they included that dink frank he was the master mind behind the collapse

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Posted by zeakster on September 27, 2008

I love pelosi bringing up republican patriotism. its………well funny. hmmmm over 50% of the average joes out there dont want to bail out wall street republicans for the first time since immigration are heeding the warnings and slave master pelosi calls them unpatriotic. obama has the gall to say that pin head mcain is a bush lackey yet he is not supporting the new bush spending extravaganza. who is supporting bush’s trillion dollar bail out? the democrats and barak obama. ohh they hate his policies but adore anything that spends our tax dollars. so all week and this weekend we are hearing about how these damn Republicans are the road block to our salvation. funny i thought the dems hold a majority in the house no wait they do so why are they demanding 100 republican votes? well its all about saving their own asses. when this cash spending spree is over and it still doesnt work the dems will blame the republicans and they cant do that if none of them vote for this atrocious bill.  you see pelosi can drive her slaves to pass this bill without a single repulican votebut she wont. you see democrats are all about saving their own ass’s and while they would love to spend money they wont unless at least some republicans sign on because they are always looking for a scape goat.

so if your one of those liberal ninies out there talking about how the repulicans are ruining this country by not voting for this look atthe facts if their god pelosi had the balls she and her waifs could pass this bill right now. look in the mirror you gutless twits….like what you see?

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Posted by zeakster on September 26, 2008

“Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson came up to the Capitol hours later to revive talks, but House Republicans did not participate, and Democrats warned that the whole process could collapse unless President Bush gets them to come to the table.”

congress works for the people not the president and certainly not king paulson

let it fall let it all crumble its time to bring the upity coasts back to the midwest playing field.

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Posted by zeakster on September 25, 2008

I seem to remember democrats saying its too risky to put social security money into personal investing accounts. hhhhhhmmmmmmmm…………….but its ok to “invest” 1 trillion tax payer dollars in a huge bail out of companies going bankrupt. not to mention the “investment” to the auto industry to the tune of 25 billion this year and next.

what gives come on you little piss ant liberals lets hear your big explination for this one

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Posted by zeakster on September 24, 2008

IT  has come to my attention the the city of fort wayne has been taking funds illegally from a non city department. this info was obtained from a reliable third party however i have not talked to the originating source. it seems someone in the non city fair housing office noticed the city was siphoning funds to the city. when asked about the irregularity a city cpa said it was legal and triedto make the whistleblower sign papers making it look legal this person refused and the cpa involved has resigned her position.

im trying to find legit sources that have been published but to no avail so far anyone with info should post here it seems this administration is fudging books.

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Posted by zeakster on September 24, 2008

ISIN’T IT FUNNY THAT THE DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY IN CONGREE IS NOT calling for hearings on this housing mess. dont you find it odd waxman the king of waisting our money on insane witch hunts is silent? wheres shumer? wheres dodd? dont you find it odd no democrats are standing up and saying we need hearings?

why? why? yes indeed why?

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Posted by zeakster on September 23, 2008

A masked gunman whose violent YouTube postings prompted police to question him a day ago opened fire Tuesday at his trade school in western Finland, killing ten people before shooting himself in the head.

Witnesses said panic broke out as the gunman, dressed in black and carrying a large bag, entered the school in Kauhajoki and started firing in a classroom where students were taking an exam. The shootings began just before 11 a.m. local time (0800GMT), as about 150 students were at the Kauhajoki School of Hospitality, 180 miles (300 kilometers) northwest of Helsinki.

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